Why I Started The Crypto Drip
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Why I Started The Crypto Drip

In that instance I knew without a doubt that I was seeing a glimpse into the possibilities of the next 10-20 years, and blockchain technology was the clear roadmap.
Why I Started The Crypto Drip

Back in 2008, I stumbled upon a technology that opened up a completely new world to me. That technology was WordPress. 12 years later, and WordPress has given me more than I ever thought it would.

During that time, I made friends — like, really good friends — in the WordPress community. But over the last couple of years, I've been itching for something new. Something not quite mainstream yet, but old enough to have longevity.

Then I saw Ready Player One. It's surprising how something so pop-culture can have such a profound effect on someone. In that instance I knew without a doubt that I was seeing a glimpse into the possibilities of the next 10-20 years, and blockchain technology was the clear roadmap.

After that, I knew what I wanted to learn next.

Why I'm Trading Cryptocurrency

Blockchain is the technical foundation upon which cryptocurrency is built: a novel new way to decentralize software. Think of it mainly as a different way of programming than the web has been built on thus-far.

Yet, cryptocurrency is the pre-dominant form in which most people see blockchain technology play out in daily life. There are other ways where blockchain will become the foundation of mainstream industries (such as gaming), but for now, cryptocurrency is the focal point.

With cryptocurrency, there is a unique opportunity to become an early adopter of future mainstream technologies and protocols. And with blockchain being so new, this necessitates trading these assets as they shift and morph and unfold, and winners and losers in the space rise and fall.

Much like the early days of the internet, the pace of innovation is rapidly evolving, with decentralized evangelists and old institutions vying for power and influence. It's an exciting time to be involved — but it's still early in the game.

With that in mind, I actively trade cryptocurrencies (and share weekly reports about my trades) for two reasons:


While still learning how to trade effectively, I believe the best way to learn about something is to invest in it, whether through time or through money. Even though Bitcoin was invented nearly 13 years ago in 2007, there is still many opportunities to become an early adopter in first-mover technologies.

While I care about the industry and everything it holds, I'm also a technologist who can sometimes see early trends before they become mainstream. Simply put, there is significant opportunity for income in blockchain.


Apart from the feedback I get from trades (both in losses and gains), I believe the cryptocurrency market is an indicator of tomorrow's technological breakthrough.

I can't predict that future without being intimately involved.

While certainly still speculative in many cases, there is a case to be made that with Bitcoin's resurgence and with the institutional investments that have been made, cryptocurrency is here to stay and may even stabilize as the U.S. government gets involved (or get squashed — we'll see).

In the end, trading between different blockchain projects gives me a reason to study them more closely, and consequently become an expert in their own unique solutions.

Why Me?

You may be asking yourself, "Why should I follow this guy — he's a newbie." Well, you're absolutely right. Part of this blog is my way of becoming an expert, and that means I'll be making lots of mistakes in the future.

But there are three things you'll get from me on this blog that are hard to find these days:

  1. An engineering background gives me a unique perspective on the space, including the underpinnings that make it work.
  2. The transparency I'll give in my weekly reports will be completely free and open for you to learn from, including all of my mistakes.
  3. You'll have someone you can learn with, as opposed to someone telling you to catch up. We're all in this together, if you want to be.

The Future is Already Here

While blockchain is still in its infancy, and I'll freely admit I'm gleefully the "newbie" of the space again, it is surprisingly vibrant.

I'm just excited to go for the ride. If you feel like joining me, for the long haul or just to see what's up, we've got lots of space in the Discord.

I can't wait to see you there: Join the Discord.

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