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Upon request from our community, we've decided to start doing monthly (to start) Cardano Stake Pool highlights! This will offer our community a guide for who to stake with (if they don't already have an SPO they are supporting, or are looking for new pools to support). We hope these highlights will also give some exposure to lesser known SPO's in the Cardano community!

For our second highlight, we've decided to feature LORDB pool, a single-pool committed SPO who is passionate about decentralization!

LORDB Stake Pool

LORDB is operated by the pseudonymous Lord Byron. Originally from Michigan, Byron currently lives in Los Angeles, California. While he has a history as a touring musician and studio artist, Byron has always loved programming.

Recently, he has been able to retire early (thanks to early investment in the Cardano ecosystem), and is now able to focus all of his time on running his own stake pool, including spreading the message of decentralization among the Cardano community. He also is committed to the single-pool philosophy of Cardano stake pool operators.

The LORDB stake pool currently consists of a robust infrastructure: 3 servers in the cloud (1 block producer and 2 relays), including daily backups and extensive monitoring alerts to ensure optimum uptime.

Additionally, LORDB operates with good security practices including an Intel NUC computer at his home, air-gapped (never connected to the internet), which contains his keys and pledge wallet.

Stake pool stats at the time of this writing are as follows:

  • Pledge: 200.0k
  • Live Stake: 1.02m
  • Cost: 340 ADA
  • Margin: 2%
  • Saturation: 1.6%

You can learn more about the pool here, or delegate directly to the pool ticker: LORDB.

Upcoming AMA With Lord Byron

Lord Byron will do an upcoming AMA with the TCD community on August 6th in our Discord. If you'd like to participate and/or submit questions, we will be opening a dedicated channel starting today.

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