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Upon request from our community, we've decided to start doing monthly (to start) Cardano Stake Pool highlights! This will offer our community a guide for who to stake with (if they don't already have an SPO they are supporting, or are looking for new pools to support). We hope these highlights will also give some exposure to lesser known SPO's in the Cardano community!

For our very first highlight, we've decided to feature LACE pool, a mission-driven SPO who is passionate about open-source!

LACE Stake Pool

LACE is operated by Robin Böning, a passionate Cardano community member and software developer. I was personally drawn to Robin's mission because, being a software developer myself, I know how useful the open-source paradigm is.

Open-source has enabled cross-pollination throughout the web industry, including huge projects that power massive portions of the web we use today, such as React (funded by Facebook) and WordPress (funded by Automattic).

Open-source is also the roadmap for Cardano source code, and essentially allows anyone to contribute to the tech stack if they have a good idea and/or know how to code.

The main problem with open-source, however, is that contributors often get burnt out from spending too many hours building software without any pay. Because they are community-driven projects, funding mechanisms are complicated and hard to distribute.

LACE aims to fund community-selected projects by setting aside 25% of the stake pool's rewards. Pool details at the time of this writing are as follows:

  • Pledge: 75.0k
  • Live Stake: 0.49m
  • Active Stake: 0.13m
  • Cost: 340 ADA
  • Margin: 1%

You can learn more about the pool here, or delegate directly to the pool ticker: LACE.

Upcoming AMA With Robin

Robin will do an upcoming AMA with the TCD community on July 6th in our Discord channel. If you'd like to participate and/or submit questions, we will be opening a dedicated channel on July 5th.

Joining the Discord is free for members of The Crypto Drip. If you don't have an account, you can join here to get your Discord invite via email.

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