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In this introductory episode, me and my co-host (affectionately named Mr. Goose), talk about how we got into the crypto landscape, our backgrounds, and generally what we want The Crypto Drip to be.


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Calvin: [00:00:00] Yo, this is Calvin, your host from The Crypto Drip. This is episode zero, and I'm joined by my cohost, Mr. Goose, as we talk about crypto and what brought us into this space. All these episodes are recorded live in our private Discord channel, which you can join for free by going to and subscribe. Without further ado, let's get into the episode.

[00:00:42] Uh, welcome everybody to this is the first, uh, pre episode. It's not actually like the first episode of The Crypto Drip. This is more like an introductory. Uh, just kind of give a little bit of, uh, background and introduction to myself and, uh, the Mr. Goose, which of course, I'm going to ask you a question about where the goose came from.

[00:01:02] Um, no. Yeah, so it's gonna be fun. It's gonna be awesome. Um, if you guys have any questions, please post it in the episode chat channel, uh, for those who are listening on the podcast later. This is we record these live, um, and they're in the discord channel. Um, and you can talk to each other and talk to us and hopefully in the future, we'll be doing some AMS.

[00:01:28] So it's going to be fun. Um, but first, uh, let's just start right off the bat and let's go with, uh, Mr. Goose, tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into crypto.

[00:01:40] Mr. Goose: [00:01:40] Man. So I got into crypto. My well let's start with here. My initial purchase was definitely Bitcoin back in 2016. Um, and I actually still think it's somewhere on a Coinbase account on an email address that I completely forgot, but it was like $250 worth.

[00:02:00] And I never, I never accessed it ever since then, but I remember my, um, yeah. My, uh, my dad was the one who told me about this, you know, weird, you know, internet money. And he was like, you know what, I'll start one for you and you should buy it. And then, so, so I did, um, and never really touched it or thought about it ever since then.

[00:02:26] Now at the time I was in college studying finance, um, Trying to get my BA and, and taking a little bit of an interest in, in financial theory. Um, I ended up dropping out pursuing software development, moved to San Francisco. Um, took a boot, a bootcamp for full stack web development. Uh, did that for a little while, did some free freelance projects.

[00:02:53] Um, and then over time I also fell out of love with that became a real estate agent. I did that for about three years. Um, now we're closing in, on, around, uh, March of 2020, as we all know the infamous liquidity crisis and COVID 19. And basically I was, you know, the entire real estate injury industry was just kind of on its heels.

[00:03:19] Uh, more importantly, the commercial side, which is where I was focusing, especially in a big city like San Francisco. And, you know, I had saved up a decent amount of money and I don't remember exactly how I got back into crypto, but I remember watching a video about Bitcoin literally, probably three days after, um, March 12th or after everything dropped, probably because it was in the news.

[00:03:43] And it's good

[00:03:44] Calvin: [00:03:44] timing.

[00:03:45] Mr. Goose: [00:03:45] Yeah, it was actually perfect timing. And I constantly have to humble myself and to not thinking that I'm a genius, but to remind myself that it was a combination of just pure luck and opportunity. And I went. Pretty much all in like a complete newb on Robin hood and bought a bunch of Bitcoin.

[00:04:05] Yeah. And, and I, you know, as I started to go down the rabbit hole, um, I reinvigorated my, my love for finance through crypto, which is,

[00:04:14] Calvin: [00:04:14] uh, pretty weird,

[00:04:17] Mr. Goose: [00:04:17] but, and also unbecoming, but, but I I'm digging it and I love it. And. So I went down the rabbit hole, figured out, uh, and learned a bunch of new things and eventually found my way to  I know, and, and different exchanges and how, um, not to buy crypto on Robin hood, obviously.

[00:04:34] And, um, and I ended up getting into Cardano, um, around 3 cents. I think it was my, my original purchase was like, Point zero three, 4 cents. And I held that till when we hit about a dollar and 32, and then I redistributed a bunch, but that was, uh, that was sort of my big crypto play that, that kind of launched my and reinvigorated my love for finance through crypto.

[00:04:58] Calvin: [00:04:58] Yeah. Yeah. That's awesome. I think, uh, the main thing I got out of that is that you're like a secret millionaire cause you bought into Bitcoin early. And you don't actually know it.

[00:05:10] Mr. Goose: [00:05:10] Do you not have that account actually at all? And that's, and you know, it's even worse as is. I think my dad had like, um, a few hundred or few thousand Bitcoins in like 2013 and he used them to buy a VPN or some VPN service before there were big names, services, like Nord, VPN and stuff.

[00:05:29] And so he purchased a bunch of those for hundreds of thousands of Bitcoins. Yeah.

[00:05:34] Calvin: [00:05:34] It's amazing. Like how many stories of those there are. I think I just saw a tweet, uh, about somebody who bought, um, Oh gosh, I can't, I can't even remember now. Um, they just, you know, like people, Oh, they bought pizza. They bought pizza at Bitcoin for like, they gave somebody like 10,000 Bitcoin for two pizzas.

[00:05:55] Yeah, that's insane.

[00:05:56] Mr. Goose: [00:05:56] Did you just see, um, Rick, uh, Rick McCracken, one of the, uh, one of the bigger Cardinal community members just did a, uh, Cardona or, or ADA purchase for, for a couple of pizzas, just to kind of recreate, recreate that same story. So that way, you know, 10 years from now, and when ADAS, you know, uh, through the roof, you can go back and say, you know, I bought two pizzas which are worth now, you know, a few million dollars.

[00:06:18] Yeah.

[00:06:19] Calvin: [00:06:19] I feel like everybody's going to do that. I mean, I've bought, I bought like small things with ADA too. And it's like, know part, part of me is like, Oh man, how much of this is like, um, a store of value and it's going to grow in value. And then how much of it is just the new economy? And I just want to like only do anything in ADA, but anyway, definitely.

[00:06:39] Yeah. That's awesome. I mean, so like, I guess maybe my, my next question would be, you know, the intersection of crypto and finance, it's probably not really an intersection, right. It's probably more like an evolution of what was already there.

[00:06:54] Mr. Goose: [00:06:54] Definitely, definitely an evolution. And, um, I'm a little, I'm actually a little.

[00:07:01] Um, upset about where we are right now. And I know obviously it's early that the entire decentralized finance spaces, very young, um, I'm a little disappointed at what it's becoming right now. And it seems like it's just a, you know, reinvention of traditional finance with what's going on with these, you know, uh, pre-sale rounds, the front running of these projects, the massive amount of fees that, that don't have that, that literally, you know, don't have to be there, uh, which is unlike Ethereum, where there it was, it's built into their protocol, but I'm talking to these other like layer two.

[00:07:41] Um, solutions or these other defy projects with built-in fees that are astronomical and that, that just should not be there, but sure. So I'm a little disappointed where we're at right now, but I'm definitely hopeful and bullish about where it's going.

[00:07:53] Calvin: [00:07:53] I mean, yeah. I think you're always going to have that replication of those old standards.

[00:07:57] Right. Um, even when you, even when you have new contexts, but, um, the, the good news is there's a lot of, there's a lot of, uh, opportunity for retail players to have tools that didn't exist before. Yeah,

[00:08:11] Mr. Goose: [00:08:11] a hundred percent. I mean, you know, the thing that I'm most excited about with, with, in terms of finance, right?

[00:08:17] Because if crypto blockchain and the obstruction of finance is a, is a pretty interesting topic because crypto and blockchain could be used for almost any industry. But what I'm most excited about for finance itself is being able to provide, you know, traditional. Financial investment vehicles that literally just are not available too, right?

[00:08:44] 95% of the world, right. Like, right. I won't get into specifics as I, I wrote a couple of articles about like, what, what type of, you know, investment vehicles those could be, whether it be, you know, different insurance products or, you know, debt instruments for agriculture or whatever, you know, those, those type of, um, Those types of investment vehicles would be absolutely game changing.

[00:09:08] And if we could bring that onto a blockchain and make them available for the retail trader game

[00:09:12] Calvin: [00:09:12] over. Yeah. Yep. Super exciting. Um, okay, so I'll, I guess we'll say last question for you, and then we can switch over to kind of my backstory, but, um, Y Y a goose, I told you I had to ask the

[00:09:26] Mr. Goose: [00:09:26] question. I know, I know, I know the goose is honestly it's.

[00:09:30] Um, as arbitrary as any cartoon character, when I first got into Twitter, um, I was actually fat cat. Um, and it was just, I wanted to just be it. Yeah, exactly. I want it to be, I don't want it to be some sort of animal that was like a little aristocratic. Right. Like they arrested cats. Um, but then I think I kind of fell in love with, um, They literally, I just fell in love with the picture of this goose with a suit on.

[00:09:57] And I was like, that's hilarious with a little monocle. And I was like, you know what, rebrand? And I went to Mr. Goose instead, that's it? Yeah. I love it. But honestly, you know, the, the entire crypto space is like, um, I'm not the entire crypto space. I'm sorry. Like a large portion of the crypto space is pseudonymous and our pseudo anonymous.

[00:10:17] Now I would like to also do the same because you know, there, there are pluses and minuses, but. Yep.

[00:10:24] Calvin: [00:10:24] Yeah, no, I totally get it. I think I've mentioned to you before, like I kind of wish that I had been able to get like, build my online presence, uh, anonymously, but you know, I was too naive and stupid when I first got on the internet to really do that.

[00:10:37] Okay. So, um, so I mean, you know, that's a nice segue, I suppose, to how I got into crypto and stuff, but, um, yeah. Yeah. Well, Yeah, thanks for telling us about your backstory. It's it's definitely helpful and I'm super excited to do this podcast with you. So, um, So my background, I'm a software engineer by trade.

[00:10:58] Um, I never went to college, so I kind of have like a background of, uh, just learning, uh, self self-starter, you know, whatever you want to call it, but really mostly just breaking things until I figured out how they work. Um, which can be a skill and also probably a pet peeve of my wife. Um, but yeah, so, you know, it's interesting cause I didn't actually start in software.

[00:11:21] Um, I started in graphic design. Um, uh, probably I want to say maybe 15 years ago I was super into user interface, design, and, uh, and websites in general. I actually blogged a ton back when WordPress was, um, I wouldn't, I wouldn't say WordPress was in its infancy, but it was, um, It was not the beginning as it is today.

[00:11:42] Right, right. And, um, yeah, I just like started, I was sick of, um, my website looking like everybody else's website, um, all the pre-made themes and everything. So I would kinda like take my blog and spend hours just tweaking the CSS and, and all the code behind it to kind of make it unique. And that kind of like led into, Hey, I can.

[00:12:05] I would rather be able to build the things that I design, um, right. And, you know, and, and from there it just kind of like grew into opportunities, different jobs. Um, mostly every job that I've taken has been a stepping stone to learn something that I, I didn't like, I, you know, you get hired at a job and you sort of reach a bar, um, or a plateau of, of new things.

[00:12:28] And, um, and so then I would kind of get the itch to start something else, but. Um, beside that, I, I also always had these like side projects, um, that I would do, and I probably reinvented my, my personal brand a hundred times. Um, a lot of people who follow me still follow me back from like, you know, when I was, uh, selling or not, not even selling, I was giving away WordPress themes, just open source, like on GitHub.

[00:12:57] And, uh, yeah, so it's been kind of like a, this wild ride and meandering. Around. I'm also kind of like entrepreneurial. So I always have like these ideas of new companies or ideas to start, um, which is sort of like where the crypto drip came from, but that was also like a foray into podcasting, which is something I always wanted to do, but not something that I ever really felt confident to do or, or, or even like, You know, what am I going to talk about?

[00:13:23] Right. There's always the question. Um, right. And that's kind of where, you know, I got into crypto, like I do remember back when crypto, um, being a software engineer, like I had, I had exposure to the blockchain space just by, um, similarities. Uh, but it wasn't necessarily like in, on my radar until probably maybe a couple of years ago or so.

[00:13:48] Um, And I just remember, uh, seeing Bitcoin, like back when it was like 10 bucks a Bitcoin or something, and I really, really wanted to mine it. Like I wanted to mine it so bad, but I didn't have a computer. And I was like, I don't, I think, um, I think I had just gotten married, so I got married back in like.

[00:14:14] 2013. Um, and I've got like three little boys right now. So my family has kind of grown substantially since then. But, um, somewhere around the time when Bitcoin was like a dollar, I was like, Hey honey, I really want to like mindless stuff. And she was like, yeah, no. And I was like, okay. And I was like, wow, at the end of the conversation.

[00:14:35] Cause I was like, yeah, it's probably just a fad, you know? Um,

[00:14:38] Mr. Goose: [00:14:38] imagine, imagine the life path you'd be on if the answer was yes.

[00:14:42] Calvin: [00:14:42] Right, right. And I was like, Oh man, like, so the second time I came around crypto, cause it kind of went through that big winter right. Of going on the sidelines where everybody thought was like, well, this was like a big hype or a big dream.

[00:14:56] Um, and it kind of disappeared. And I wasn't a part of that, but I was like on the outside watching like the rest of the, uh, I don't want to say, well, yeah, you could probably say the world, um, was like, well, Bitcoin was cool, but it's like over. Right, right. And then, and then it started coming back even before March, even before the, the pandemic crash.

[00:15:20] Um, it started coming back onto the horizon and I was like, Hey, you know, there's something really like, Profound of a technology, if it goes, like, if it hypes it crashes and then it comes back again, like it gets back up off the ground, right. Like

[00:15:36] Mr. Goose: [00:15:36] a sense of non fragile, you know, uh, asset. Yeah. Yeah. It gives her sort of that narrative hardness.

[00:15:44] Calvin: [00:15:44] Right? Yeah. And it kind of, I just, I saw that and I was like, yeah, I don't think crypto is going anywhere. Um, and so then I started researching, obviously during I wasn't, um, I didn't get into investing in crypto until kind of it rebounded from the crash. But, um, and, and fun fact, you know, like finances and stuff.

[00:16:06] Like, I, I have never even bought stock, like, so my personal exposure into financial assets is pretty limited purely to crypto, which I, I actually like, because. It's such, it's such a new technology and I'm so like geared towards new technologies anyway, like even, even as a software engineer, I. There's nothing more fun than, you know, trying out a new technology or a new framework that comes out.

[00:16:37] And that's kind of like the place that I live in. So crypto just fits naturally into that narrative

[00:16:42] Mr. Goose: [00:16:42] would actually be to your favorites, do have zero exposure to the traditional markets. You know, like investing in crypto is completely abstracted away from investing in equities. And in terms of the way that you would do, um, Fundamental analysis, technical analysis obviously could be the same, except for the fact that, you know, the entire markets 10 years old, you know, so there isn't these.

[00:17:08] Macro trends that you could follow. Um, other than the fact that you could kind of, you know, play certain things, uh, across similar assets, like for instance, Bitcoin to gold, or, you know, some sort of project or crypto that you know, is looking to replace some other type of project. And then you could kind of look back and trace or track similar, um, market patterns and, and, and paste them over to crypto.

[00:17:29] But other than that, investing in crypto is entirely different and like understanding, you know, um, Understanding the way that people think, um, in terms of investor sentiment within the space, that's kind of like, I mean, that's not kind of, that is where you make the money. If you're, if you're going to be doing, you know, any type of swing trading or short for trading, um, is just understanding how people think within the crypto markets.

[00:17:53] And they're completely different than how people think of the equities market. So. Maybe it maybe it's to your advantage that you have, you haven't had exposure to, uh, traditional, uh,

[00:18:01] Calvin: [00:18:01] well, that's cool. And I tried, yeah, I tried the whole like swing trading thing and pretty quickly decided no that's way too much stress for me.

[00:18:08] Like, um, and then, and then that's where I was like, Hey, blockchain is. Is like this giant super computer, right. That we can all, um, uh, mutually benefit from. And, and so I kind of shifted like my investing strategies to more of this long-term investment of what's the next Google or what's the next internet.

[00:18:30] Um, and that's a lot easier for me to see on the landscape. Cause I see the shortcomings of traditional centralized software. Right. And so that's kind of like, you know, it's kind of this interesting, and that's why I'm so happy to do this podcast with you because you know, my, my perspective is a lot more.

[00:18:47] Technological, um, in terms of, you know, the underlying infrastructure that powers blockchain and what its possibilities are. Um, and, and you actually have a really great grasp on that, which is awesome. Cause you know, I can talk about it and you're not just like staring at me blankly, which is going to happen when you talk about finance and I'm going to ask you all the questions and be like, what are you talking about?

[00:19:09] Yeah. Um, so yeah, it's going to be awesome.

[00:19:16] It's right around here. We wrapped up our episode, introductory episode of the crypto drip. If you like, what you heard, go ahead and head on over to the crypto and sign up for free or premium member to gain access to the discord channel. And much, much more until next time. Thank you for tuning in this is Calvin finding out.

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