No-hype conversations about crypto and blockchain.

Before a ship leaves port to embark on a journey, you would expect that things are in order. Without a functioning rudder, sturdy sails, and a proper mission to rally behind, such an adventure would be short-lived and leave those aboard hopeless and without direction.

While that analogy might be somewhat dated, The Crypto Drip (TCD) is no different. At one point, the idea of TCD was safe in the port of my mind — nothing more than a vague idea.

That safety decreased little by little the more I talked publicly about it. When I joined up with Mr. Goose to build TCD, the process of preparing for the future began.

We gathered our thoughts, exchanged plans and ideas, and began cultivating a crew with which to set sail. But preparation is a multitude of steps, and certainly isn't constrained to the harbor.

Today, it's time to leave the port.

Setting the Tone

TCD is now much bigger than either Mr. Goose or I could have imagined. Our Discord has reached 150 active members, our site has been visited nearly 10,000 times since we started publishing, and our podcast is at nearly 1,000 listens.

These are not numbers to brag about — but they are milestones nonetheless, and signal a moment of growth that, if left unattended, has the potential to derail the whole mission.

So, what's the mission? Great question, and I hope I answer it well.

This post serves as our compass for what TCD is (and isn't). It's the true north of our community, acting as a compass for when times get chaotic, growth outnumbers our ability to control it, and the diversity of the crypto community applies pressure on our original values.

With that in mind, we've landed on 4 main pillars for what TCD will stand for in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. They are:

1. Fundamentals, Not Hype

While enormous financial gains can be made in cryptocurrency through following the hype, we place more weight on fundamentals. Furthermore, our goal is to educate the community on these fundamentals.

Technical analysis can be shared quickly, but fundamentals require more nuanced discussion and an inherit investment of time. We employ these fundamentals as a foundation for any technical analysis we might offer.

That's why we lean heavily on projects like Cardano, Ergo, and SingularityNET. The foundational architecture and vision of these projects creates a safety-net for short-term price volatility that enables us to weather all types of storms within the market, all while emphasizing the merits of these projects and not just the hype of their investment opportunities.

2. Invitation, Not Confrontation

Cryptocurrency has its genesis in a direct challenge to normal financial conventions. We love this about cryptocurrency, but are not interested in creating a confrontational movement. Instead, TCD aims to enable and even create new on-ramps to blockchain for the masses.

We explicitly do not support some ideologies that permeate the industry, such as the evasion of taxes, the eventual dissolving of nation-states, or the burning down an old system through illegal methods.

Instead, we seek to educate, promote, and foster the opportunities that blockchain provides, with the end-goal of a better and brighter future for everyone; including both those in legacy finance as well as those who have been kept out.

3. Quality, Not Quantity

Initially, we started TCD with an intense schedule of 5 articles a week, including a podcast every Wednesday. It soon became clear, however, that neither Mr. Goose nor I had the personal bandwidth to achieve this level of throughput.

We decided, then, to focus producing the absolute best fundamental analysis and commentary on the blockchain space possible. While there is an internal schedule, our publishing cadence is communicated in real-time within our Discord channel.

Furthermore, our content production is both influenced and created with the help of our community Moderators and Premium Members. We target our content to the people on whom we can achieve the greatest impact: our direct community.

4. Vision, Not Reporting

Finally, TCD is not a news publication. Although we likely produce content and analysis beyond what most crypto publications offer, our main goal is to inspire and onboard the mass adoption of blockchain.

With this in mind, we take liberty to imagine future and current use-cases for blockchain and cryptocurrency within the real world. Often times, our articles will may be speculative in application, supported by in-depth research on fundamentals, and grounded in logical predictions of future events.

The Core of TCD

At its core, TCD is an expression of what Mr. Goose and I believe cryptocurrency can be. We spend countless hours exchanging ideas through our podcast, off-air chats, and our community forums talking about this space.

As we research interesting new platforms and technologies to give our community an educated advantage, we also look for signals that indicate mass adoption is happening — and we hope to be a driving force in that future reality.

It's time to set sail. Will you join our crew?

If yes, and you want to be a part of the advent of blockchain on a global scale, consider joining TCD either as a free or Premium Member. You'll get access to private articles, our Discord, and future products yet to be announced.

If you'd rather support the vision of TCD as a one-time donation, you can send ADA to the address below. Every bit helps us move forward:

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