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Many blockchains today deal with the same problems: scalability, interoperability, privacy, and more. For each problem we face on our march toward global adoption, it seems a multitude of blockchains arise in response.

As such, the landscape is ripe with innovation. New blockchains could be summed up into three camps:

  • Specific layer 2 solutions to solve the aforementioned foundational problems.
  • Improving or reinventing the actual foundations themselves.
  • All of the above.

The Nervos Network falls within the third camp, and offers a unique solution to the problems plaguing the industry. Thankfully, while they are building a foundation for new developers and users to build upon, they have also built what can be describe as a blockchain hub (or nervous system, if you will) — with a focus on interoperability and a better user-experience for anyone interacting with blockchain.

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