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Aging is the number one cause of human suffering. Cancer, heart disease, dementia, and even Covid-19 have much higher severity in the elderly. Scientists have been studying every facet of possible life extension remedies — from rats, centenarians, to even jellyfish. The study of genomics has been the most intensive and possibly lucrative field in altering the aging process.

The reality is that there is an unimaginable amount of data that needs to be computed in an unimaginable amount of ways to successfully begin tangible treatment trials for aging. In fact:

"The amount of data being produced in genomics daily is doubling every seven months, so within the next decade, genomics is looking at generating somewhere between 2 and 40 exabytes a year."

This creates an enormous bottleneck in converting new discoveries into clinical applications that only machine learning and other AI systems can digest.

Rejuve promises a solution.


The Rejuve team is made up of a very diverse and oriented layering.

The Founders

The Management

The Advisors


The Paperbyte

The Rejuve platform is a project that is building to take full advantage of the coming Web 3 revolution where the data economy is more prevalent. At a high level, by securitizing sovereign ownership of data, Rejuve Network participants can allow access to certain biometric data points to other Rejuve Network participants like clinics, labs, and hospitals for certain platform benefits.

How does it all work?

The Science

The human body is made up of an orchestra of highly complex systems that cooperate seamlessly to deliver the reality we experience everyday. Within these systems lies important data to be analyzed at non-human capacity to discover the truth of longevity and possibly immortality.

The Rejuve Network aims to develop AI systems that scientists can use to customize for each system that will be able to compute vast amounts of data and simulate cause-and-effect models to more aptly analyze possible treatments.

The value proposition of the Rejuve Network over other Web 2 competitors lies in leveraging the SingularityNET and OpenCog Hyperon platforms for probabilistic evolutionary learning and probabilistic logical inference that will be stored on Bio-Atomspace (an OpenCog database). Scientists will utilize this backend infrastructure when creating their AI systems.

Each system (vector) created for a specific area of the body will connect to OpenCog via a biomedical-AI customized deployment of the DeepWalk graph embedding algorithm, which maps nodes in Bio-Atomspace into embedding vectors to be processed by deep neural networks.

With scientists all around the globe leveraging the benefits AI Rejuve, SingularityNET, and OpenCog offers, we are an exponential step closer to solving aging.

This all sounds great, but how will the Rejuve Network solve it's own economic longevity in a decentralized way?

The Economics

The problem the Rejuve Network's decentralized economy aims to solve at-scale is the misalignment of psychological and economic incentives between patients, doctors, and researches under the heavy hand of government regulation.

Healthcare infrastructure is primarily reactionary and positioned to combat disease mostly. The backdrop of this is 150,000 people die every day and two-thirds of those deaths are results of aging. How do we properly incentivize a more longevity-focused healthcare model?

The answer lies in Rejuve Points. To seed a new biomedical ecosystem that leads toward AI assisted health-span extension, Rejuve created a novel value transfer mechanism called Rejuve Points. Within the Rejuve community, points allow for interactions between individuals, researchers, longevity experts, clinicians and the SingularityNET AI platform.

Participants can allow access from data-dependent actors on the platform in a anonymized or non-anonymized manner via wearables, insurance claims, and healthcare apps. By allowing access to their data they will receive Rejuve tokens that can be used to claim early access to aging treatment, therapies, pharmaceuticals, and even establishing a longevity health plan with various clinics and labs.

Scientists use the participants' data by utilizing SingularityNET AI Agents to facilitate research and study, explained above.

Our Analysis

The Rejuve Network is very early in its development and as such has no release of an official whitepaper or tokenomics paper.

Regardless, we thought it was prudent to bring it to light, as it may be one of the most intriguing layer 2 projects building on SingularityNET today. Restructuring the way the healthcare system operates while using AI and blockchain to incentivize and properly analyze data to discover an entirely new realm of treatment models, therapies and practices, all on the Rejuve Network.

We will update this Paperbyte when a whitepaper and tokenomics paper is released.

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