No-hype conversations about crypto and blockchain.

The crypto and blockchain landscape is evolving, now more rapidly than ever. At the time of this writing the crypto industry has exploded to around a $2T market-cap and only continues to grow.

This may seem impressive, but I believe (and history will tell) that this is just the beginning of more than just a market cap chart.

So what is The Crypto Drip, and why did I start it?

First of all, I'm not expert. I have a background in software engineering, which lends well to cryptocurrencies — but blockchain as a whole is its own beast. In light of that, you could say I am a learner — and I learn best by sharing. Knowledge sharing and exchanging of ideas are what make innovative industries become communities (much like WordPress challenged the status quo for CMS platforms).

In the spirit of that, I reached out to a friend of mine (affectionately named Mr. Goose) and invited him to co-host a show with me. Thankfully, we had the same vision, and soon-after launched The Crypto Drip.

To make it easy for newcomers, we decided to lay out an easy resource for getting started:

1. A Vibrant Community

Strong communities are built on share values. At The Crypto Drip, our values are simple: be thirsty for knowledge, share what you know for the betterment of everyone, and (most importantly) be kind.

With this as our backdrop, we created a private Discord channel to foster conversation in an easy-to-participate format. Joining the Discord is free, and simply requires creating a free account.

Create your free account.

2. Weekly Podcast Episodes

We began broadcast our first LIVE episode exclusively from our private Discord channel. Members are also able to chat with each other and ask questions while the episodes are broadcasting.

Podcast episodes are aired live every Wednesday at 12pm (MST). For those who can't make it, episodes are packaged up into a podcast within a day or so and published, so you'll never need to worry about missing the live event.

Subscribe to the Podcast.

3. Weekly Deep Dives

In addition to our community and podcast, we write deep-dive articles every Wednesday, and publish them on our blog. These articles are completely free, and the most packed with information.

They range from specific cryptocurrency and economic deep dives, to technical overviews about blockchain and cryptocurrency as a technology. The goal is to give our readers a robust and well-rounded perspective on the cryptocurrency industry.

Read all the past deep dives for free.

4. A Deeper Experience

We also send exclusive content to our Premium Members. This content is extensive, and brings a nuanced and balanced perspective to cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and the broader finance context.

Membership comes out to about .50 cents per article, an insane deal for the amount of current information that is packed in them. In addition, Premium Members also get access to our Signals channel in the Discord, where Calvin and Mr. Goose share occasional trading setups for active day traders.

Become a Premium Member.

For an example of each premium article, you can view the first edition of each for free below:


The best and primary space to connect will be in the Discord Community, but you can also follow the Official, Mr. Goose, and my own Twitter accounts for more frequent content if that's a platform your prefer.

We can't wait to see what this community grows into, but we're sure it'll be better with you in it. Thanks for being a part of the future.

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