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A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks on both a technical and team level. In this issue we cover Revenue/Expenses as well as Core Team updates on both the leadership team and platform fronts.

DAO Updates


Active subscriptions took a bit of a hit the last couple of weeks, but this is unsurprising. The changing nature of TCD likely will result in some higher-than-normal churn. Furthermore, a decrease in premium content production (due to our focus going elsewhere, such as the Platform and team building) will likely have some effect on revenue.

However, despite our decrease in subscriptions, our churn rate is actually lower for this period.

  • MMR: $608.27
  • Churn Rate: 9.9%
  • Treasury Balance: $2,050.10


The current expense layout of TCD is variable but growing, due to our continued expansion of administration overhead, technical infrastructure changes, and one-off purchases (for example, in the chart below the UI8 purchase was $68 — a necessary UI library but a one-time purchase).

Core Team Updates

The Core Team of TCD continues to evolve, and we're happy to include some new updates on the engineering front this issue!


We're happy to welcome on board a new Core Team member: Conrad!

Conrad has extensive experience in backend and technical infrastructure, including enterprise-level API design and email system architecture. Furthermore, he's a committed SPO in the Cardano community, operating the BLADE stake pool. These skills combined will give TCD the backend expertise we need to handle high user traffic, API calls, as well as robust security considerations.

We're extremely luck to have him!


The last two weeks were busy on the Platform front, and thankfully we were able to add our GitHub repo and introduce the first scaffolding of the software stack. To learn more about the technical details, visit the repository and look around.

On top of these, we also purchased a new UI kit to help speed up the launch of the Platform's MVP. Included in the kit is both a light and dark version, including each element meticulously designed to provide the best and most enjoyable user experience for our readers and members.

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