No-hype conversations about crypto and blockchain.

Things have been picking up in The Crypto Drip, from planning to community growth to even revenue. So let's get into it.

DAO Updates


Active subscriptions took a decent jump in the last two weeks, likely due to increased visibility from social media events that put us on the map.

  • MMR: $674.93
  • Churn Rate: 7.8%
  • Treasury Balance: $2,405.31


Total expenses for the last two weeks were $71.54, and were end-of-month subscription services:

  • Digital Ocean (infrastructure, hosting, etc)
  • Google Suite (Core Team communication & identity)
  • Epidemic Sound (royalty free audio subscription for the podcast)

Core Team Updates


Calvin updated Conrad on the existing framework for TCD, as well as the new platform repo described in the previous issue. Discussions are ongoing about backend infrastructure and ways to move forward.

Also, Conrad and Calvin are working on a side-project to validate some internal assumptions about managing sign-on using blockchain capabilities. More details on this as time permits.

Community Updates

The Discord has seen a noticeable increase in new participants, including many developers. Most notably, the original channels from Goose and Calvin have been changed to the following:

New Channel: Web3

Originally Calvin was going to run a Metaverse channel, but the recent surge in software responsibilities made a Web3 channel much more adept at recycling existing knowledge that benefits not only the TCD community, but the larger Web3 community as a whole.

New Channel: Goose's Gambit

Mainly the same great content as always, Goose adjusted his channel to have a consistent name and allow for a bit more flexibility in topic-choices.

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