No-hype conversations about crypto and blockchain.

The amount of FUD produced this past week was enough to make people wary, but if you've been a part of the crazy ride these past few days and are still here, congratulations — you survived.

India criminalizing crypto, SEC cracking down on money laundering, and Biden beginning a regulatory policy for cryptocurrency is not exactly the type of news that makes the markets roar upwards.

I truly believe time spent in the cryptocurrency markets is equivalent to spending 5x the amount of time in the equities markets. The day-to-day volatility, the musical chairs, and the flow of money teaches you invaluable lessons. One can learn an incredible amount if you just sit there and digest what the market is giving to you.

For this edition of The Drip, we look at both ecosystem updates and technical analysis on price action for Bitcoin, Cardano, SingularityNET, and finally Ergo.

Let's get into it.

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